Must Add: AL East

The offseason is officially upon us, and now a whole new level of excitement can kick in for every team and fanbase who has grown weary of the Washington Nationals victory parade already. This Winter is sure to be an interesting one, with an upper echelon of talent that includes a man who is bound […]

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NBA Predictions on Opening Night

Finally, at long last the NBA season tips off tonight with a pair of games that feature the reigning champs, a marquee matchup and tons of fresh faces in new places. It’s basically everything you could want from an opening night, and now here’s something you definitely didn’t: My 2019-2020 season predictions. Now the formatting […]

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This Week’s Bulls***

National(s) Treasure If you don’t know where this is headed at this point, you will very soon… THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are the words I never thought I’d write or say aloud. It’s a phrase I usually reserve for my play-throughs of a rebuild with the Nats in MLB the […]

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This Week’s Bulls***

AB Ain’t Done Just Yet In the wake of Antonio Brown being released by the New England Patriots, major voices in the sports media landscape have come forth and implied that the sun has set on AB’s NFL career altogether. Former NFL insiders, Rex Ryan and Dan Orlovsky have alluded to his release from the […]

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This Week’s Bulls***

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a brand new barely-journalism series I like to call “This Week’s Bullsh***” a weekly piece that’ll not only help me keep posting a bit more often, but also will allow me the chance to further disappoint my mother with my potty-mouth and horrendous misuse of that college degree she paid […]

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Winning Draft Night

I feel like every year we wake up on the Friday morning post-draft and get right to work with cynical comments and opinion pieces about who the biggest losers on draft night are. So in an act of benevolence stemming from a lot of Brooklyn-based positivity early in the offseason, I’m going to tell each […]

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What We Learned in Game 1

Milwaukee Bucks 121 Detroit Pistons 86 After what was one of the most blatant blowouts in the history of opening games in the NBA Playoffs, the Detroit Pistons got saddled with some even more sobering news; Blake Griffin will likely miss the entire first round. What that really means though is that he’s about to […]

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Once upon a time, on an episode of the No Bull Just Ball Podcast, I compared Dwyane Wade’s career to that of Yankees’ icon, Derek Jeter. It drew the strangest of looks from my fellow commentators as well as questions of how in the world I came to that assessment. But in my head the […]

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