Ladies & Gentlemen, hello and welcome to the home of nonsensical sports rambling, debate, blog posts, and so much more (just kidding, that’s literally all we do here).

No Bull Just Ball is the brain child of a millennial with a love of sports and a journalism degree he doesn’t know what to do with. So here we are. A semi-functional collection of writers, artists, fans, and aspiring alcoholics; all with the shared goal of bringing you baseball opinions that you didn’t ask for, to all of your technological devices. Basically we are to sports media what mosquitos are to the animal kingdom, you didn’t ask for this and didn’t want it, but it’s here now so you just kinda gotta deal with it.

Meet the Team

Nick Hughes – Writer & Host

Nick put this thing together and clearly has a passion for forcing his obnoxious opinions on others…anyone know if Fox News is hiring? He specializes in frequently making incorrect predictions but never letting you forget that one time he actually got something right.

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Brandon Brito – Co-Host

Brandon is by all accounts a really nice kid who just got mixed up with the wrong crowd…and joined their podcast. He’s a lifelong Mets fan, which helps this company hit its diversity quota. And to be honest that was the only real hiring criteria here.

Alex Delgado – Co-Host

Alex is the most stereotypical New York sports fan you’ve ever met. He loathes the city of Boston, dresses like Turtle from Entourage and has on several occasions petitioned to re-name his four children after the fabled Core-Four of the Yankees’ late-90s dynasty.

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